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Self Defense Bel Air

Phenomenal program that teaches kids discipline and respect all while building quality character, strength, and endurance. Highly recommend for children with social and discipline issues. What a difference the Ninja martial arts team makes in kids lives.

Paul Majewski

Self Defense Bel Air

I am a former student of this school. I have since moved away, but I thought I would share my experience anyway. My wife, and I were robbed at knife point in a parking lot leaving a friends house. Despite the fact I have trained in another art for years it was Sensei Luis's teachings that came back to me when I needed it. Due to one of the forms I learned training with him I was able to disarm our attacker, which lead to him fleeing. I did not turn around in time initially so I was cut, however I was still prepared through training to defend myself. A huge thanks to Ninja Abingdon, and Sensei Luis.

Terry Pompey

Self Defense Bel Air

I've trained and worked with Sensei Luis Martinez for a long time. He is a wealth of information, cares deeply for his students, and upholds true, traditional martial arts values in his daily personal life and in the school. His skills as a martial artist are on par with his ability to teach and raise phenomenal students. Highly recommend his classes for anyone serious about instilling discipline in their children in a fun and educational environment, and for adults who want to learn realistic self-defense.

Omar Gilani

Self Defense Bel Air

I've dabbled in many different Martial Arts and because of that I've been to many different schools/dojos around the state. This is the highest quality school I've ever been to. I really like that the owner believes in maintaining the traditional values of Martial Arts.

I believe everyone (literally everyone) can benefit from Martial Arts, and if you are anywhere near Abingdon, MD, definitely stop in here. Seems like respect and perseverance are two virtues that have all but disappeared from people nowadays... And Ninja Abingdon is doing their part to help instill these values back in our area.

Wyatt Noster

Self Defense Bel Air

Took my son and daughter here, I felt they needed an activity that would help them build life skills rather than just be a fun sport. This isn't the first school my husband and I visited, but this is the one that stuck with us.

The staff and owner were extremely personable from the start. Our kids would get upset when we had to leave. The only reason we stopped coming was because we moved out of state, wish there was another one like it!

My daughter, before we started, had some issues with talking-back, but the instructors did a fantastic job in providing her with the discipline she needed. My husband and I, to this day, make sure we implement the same lessons at home that the instructors at Ninja Abingdon teach at their school.

This school will make you feel like part of a family versus like a customer. My kids, and subsequently myself, have benefited tremendously from our experience at Ninja Abingdon. No other school offers what this one does.

Katie Crousse

Self Defense Bel Air

Very good with the kids. Would recommend

Randy Ryneski

Kids Martial Arts near Abingdon

I highly recommend Ninja Abingdon. It is a family-oriented environment. My daughter, myself, and my girlfriend all take classes which have turned out to be a great family activity. 
It’s the perfect place to stay fit, build self-confidence, and learn traditional Martial Arts. 
Sensai Luis and all the instructors are highly professional, knowledgeable, and generally, care about their students learning and well-being.

John Lamar

Kids Martial Arts near Abingdon

I signed both of my boys up a little under a year ago and it was one of the best decisions I could do for them. My older son is 6 and has Aspergers and Anxiety and they are so good with him, he is gaining more self-confidence and the ability to stay focused for longer. My younger son is 5 and is definitely my “wild child” he is also doing so good, he is using manners more and learning self-control!! All of the Senseis are awesome with the kids and you can tell they really love them. The atmosphere is so much more than just learning martial arts and going home, it really is like a giant family.

Megan Ryneski

Kids Martial Arts near Abingdon

We put both our boys into the program and we have absolutely loved it. The staff is wonderful and really shows a genuine interest in helping the kids learn. They are wonderful with my youngest who can need some extra guidance and since joining he has made wonderful strides at home with his behavior. It feels like a family there and I couldn’t imagine getting the same feeling at another program. We highly recommend it for anyone interested in getting their child into an activity that introduces respect and discipline.

Sarah Reiman

Kids Martial Arts near Abingdon

Not your average dojo. These instructors go above for their students. Instructors and students have a great sensei who stresses character building, self-defense, and continuing education.

Josh Byrne

Kids Martial Arts near Abingdon

Ninja Abingdon is the Average Joe's of martial arts world. A place where you can have fun and learn a thing or two. The owner Sensei Luis and his staff exhibit nothing less than the highest levels of professionalism. Each of them possess a willingness to help anyone along their martial arts journey regardless of age, physical ability or experience level. I have been part of the family at Ninja Abingdon for over 2.5 years and have not once had a bad experience. The staff is so friendly and welcoming that once you walk through the door, you cant imagine going anywhere else. They offer something for everyone including numerous classes like Kids Karate, Adult Ninjutsu/Ninpo and even Weapons classes. Sure you can attend any number of "Globo Dojos" whose main focus is to get you in the door, give you a false sense of security after a few classes all the while filling their pockets with your hard earned money. If you want to learn practical self defense techniques, make life long friends, and even lose a few pounds, then Ninja Abingdon is the place for you.

Adam Frank

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