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  • Empire Dojo to Offer Free Week of Self-Defense Classes to All Employees of Harford County

    Empire Dojo to Offer Free Week of Self-Defense Classes to All Employees of Harford County

    NEWS RELEASE HARFORD COUNTY – Empire Dojo, a martial arts academy with locations in Abingdon and Forest Hill, is partnering with local businesses to provide a free week of self-defense classes to their employees. In response to the rise in violent theft and smash-and-grab robberies occurring in areas across Maryland, the free self-defense classes will be geared towards empowering workers with the skills needed to protect themselves in the event their place of work is targeted. “I want to do this for our community,” said Luis Martinez, the owner of Empire Dojo. “As you are probably aware, a Walgreens close to our studio was recently hit for their ....

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  • Empire Dojo Is Here and Ready to Serve Forest Hill!

    Empire Dojo Is Here and Ready to Serve Forest Hill!

    Mark your calendars, Forest Hill! Empire Dojo is getting ready to open its doors at our new location at 2205 Commerce Road, and we’re delighted to share the services our premiere martial arts studio has to offer! Be sure to take advantage of our special promotions, including our trial offer of 2 FREE CLASSES AND A FREE T-SHIRT ! Our Story We are Empire Dojo, and we have a simple yet powerful mission: to provide authentic, effective martial arts and self-defense training to our communities. United by this central principle, we are a team dedicated to helping students reach their highest potential, promoting a safe and supportive environment for them to become ....

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  • Self-Defense Classes… Do They Work?

    Self-Defense Classes… Do They Work?

    Let’s first make sure we understand the reality of violence. It isn’t fair. It’s hardly ever expected. A majority of violence is between people who are already familiar with one another (i.e. not strangers) It’s statistically uncommon (and continues to decline), but can happen. Most violent encounters are not stopped with more violence, but with preventative measures. How do our Krav Maga classes address these elements of violence? We teach out students how to identify and act on threat queues. In class, we work on methods of de-escalation. We spar and grapple on a consistent schedule. Stress Inoculation is a part of our curriculum. In other ....

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  • "Why are Martial Arts Lessons SO expensive??"

    "Why are Martial Arts Lessons SO expensive??"

    It’s not expensive, it’s unexpected. Let’s talk about softball, first. My parents enrolled me in rec softball for years, and I loved it! It afforded me the opportunity to stay in shape for my age, make friends, and just have fun doing something other than playing games on my phone. But here’s what it didn’t do… Softball didn’t teach me to set goals, understand what it means to give 100%, learn how to communicate more effectively, understand how to respect not only myself but others, be patient, be grateful, have grit and a non-quitting attitude, or know how to be a leader when it’s so easy to be a follower. I did not excel in college, ....

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  • Look like a Beauty, Fight like a Beast

    Look like a Beauty, Fight like a Beast

    According to the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), “42.1% of Maryland women… experience intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner rape and/or intimate partner stalking (2019).” Now THAT is a scary statistic. Nearly half of all women in MD will, at some point in their lives, be physically harmed by someone they know. For men that statistic drops to 27%. Out of those two groups of people, why is it that women are less likely to train in a martial art than men are? Through my years of training and instructing, these are the typical responses I get from that question… “I don’t have any experience… ....

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  • Criticism and Discipline.

    Criticism and Discipline.

    If you read the title and felt it was negative in nature, this post is dedicated to you. Let’s begin with criticism: “to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly.” Criticism should not be something we fear or try to ignore, criticism is something we should learn to accept and embrace. But, why? Everyone has apart of them they can improve to become a better version of themselves. Only through criticism can we begin to understand what we are failing to do correctly. The next time someone criticizes you, I want you to recognize whether you become defensive or are open to the criticism. If you are open to it, and reply positively, great! If you become ....

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  • Like Learning a New Language...

    Like Learning a New Language...

    The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) states that, on average, it takes someone 600 hours to become fluent in a new language. So, if you are practicing 4 hours/week, it would take approximately 150 weeks or about 3 years to become fluent in a new language. The body develops habits through consistent repetition. Understanding Self-Defense is no different.
    The body needs time, consistency, and repetition to turn techniques into muscle memory. I’ll explain this with a personal story… So, our school is unique in the fact that we do what are called, stress tests. Meaning, we make sure we are teaching effectively and the techniques are able to be repeated by ....

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  • Meet the Professionals - Who We Are

    Meet the Professionals - Who We Are

    I want you to skim this list and see if any of these apply to you… Parents
    “Susie, please don’t make me have to ask you again!”
    “If you promise to behave, I’ll give you a treat.”
    “How do you have so much energy?!” Teens
    “Eh, I’ll do it later.”
    *Something of minor inconvenience happens* “I’m DONE.”
    “I’m so bored…” Adults
    “All I do is work; I need something to look forward to.”
    “Oh man, I need to lose some weight… but the gym is so boring, and I don’t want people staring at me!”
    “Why am I always feeling depressed? Why ....

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  • When your Child wants to Quit Martial Arts...

    When your Child wants to Quit Martial Arts...

    This is a common conversation we have with parents. We warn parents upon enrollment that their children will have their ups and downs. They are children, one day vanilla ice cream is their favorite flavor and another day they will like chocolate ice cream. We ask our parents do you enjoy going to work every day? Of course the answer is 'no', but going to work is necessary! But even though we know that this will eventually happen with almost every student, our team constantly strategizes on how to better improve our studio so this becomes less and less prevalent. How ever I remind myself that I was also a kid who wanted to quit things like martial arts or "take a break", which also meant ....

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  • Martial Arts and Us

    Martial Arts and Us

    When we first hear of Martial Arts, our minds either think of fancy kicks, sparring, Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan; very singular things or popular stuntmen. I want to help you understand what Martial Arts really are. Merriam Webster, a popular dictionary, defines Martial Arts as “any of several arts of combat and self-defense (such as karate and judo) that are widely practiced as sport”. The part of that definition I want to focus on is, “…that are widely practiced as sport.” If we go back several centuries, we can find the origin of many Martial Arts. For example, the popular sport of Judo was born from traditional Japanese Jujutsu (the fighting style of ....

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