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Here at Ninja Abingdon, we're genuinely dedicated to helping students from all walks of life succeed. That means we want to ensure that, no matter your schedule, you're able to access the opportunities we provide for Kids Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, and beyond. No matter where you're located in Harford County, our mission is to provide meaningful programs, which is why our new Homeschool Program is targeted at providing daytime classes to get your child moving and connected. 

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Keep Your Child Active & Ignite New Friendships

Educating your child is important, but so is offering meaningful social interaction, exercise, and the chance to engage with exciting new skills such as the martial arts. With our new Homeschool Program, our hope is to provide homeschooled children with a healthy and supportive social environment that meshes with their schedules, where they can exercise and play, and where they can learn important life skills such as setting and working towards goals.

We believe every child in Harford County should have access to our programs. Discover how we can offer:

  • A positive, supportive social atmosphere
  • Exercise that children will genuinely enjoy
  • Development of crucial life skills like discipline and respect
  • Teamwork and leadership skills

Learn How Ninja Abingdon Can Help Your Child Succeed

The martial arts aren't just about punching and kicking. They're about building discipline, acquiring self-confidence, and becoming attuned to your mind and body. No matter where your child goes in life, our Kids Martial Arts classes can help to instill valuable lessons and create exciting opportunities. We'd love to talk to you about how our Homeschool Program can help your child achieve in Harford County and beyond.

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